Safety Cones

ACP's safety and traffic cones are 100% PVC injection molded, stack well, and have specially designed cleated bases that grip the road. Use these brilliantly colored cones to create a protective barrier for people and property. Traffic cones provide 360° visibility with two reflective bands and are available in standard 28" or 36" size.

  • Stacks well
  • Brilliant color
  • Flexible and durable material
  • 100% PVC injection-molded cones
  • Specially designed cleated base grips the road

Download ACP's Road Safety Flyer

Description Part No.
18" Orange Cone no collar RS45015C
18" Orange Cone w/ 1 reflective collar RS45015M6
18" Lime Cone no collar RS45015L
18" Lime Cone w/ 1 reflective collar RS450156L
28" Orange Cone no collar RS70032
28" Orange Cone w/ 2 reflective collar RS70032M64
28" Lime Cone no collar RS70032LIME
28" Lime Cone w/ 2 reflective collar RS70032M64L
36" Orange Cone no collar RS90045CT
36" Orange Cone w/ 2 reflective collar RS900453M64
36" Lime Cone no collar RSN0045CTLIME
36" Lime Cone w/ 2 reflective collar RSN0045CTM64LIME

ACP International is able to print directly onto traffic cones. We can print your company name and logo or a command, such as "reserved" or "wet floor." We can print on the front of the cone or vertically down the cone.