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Mark fiber optic cables, gas pipelines, petroleum pipelines, electric lines, water lines, sewer lines, and other buried utility lines with this UV-stabilized marker. Flexible Line Markers can also be used as highway delineators, boundary, or trail markers.

Choose the option that best suits your needs:

  • No Decals needed! Best option: One-color Direct Print
  • Multi-color Decal Print
  • Blank (No printing)
Part No. Description
ACP066* 66 inch Line Marker
ACP072* 72 inch Line Marker
ACP078* 78 inch Line Marker
D-375 Line Marker Driver
* Please specifiy color

Flexible Line Markers Features & Benefits

    • Fiberglass composite, lightweight
    • Easy one-person installation with a post driver (#D375)
    • Enhanced profile optimizes stability and allows for double-sided decal application or direct print
    • Resistant to grass fires
    • Add non-reflective, multi-color decals to brand your company and show ownership
    • Add reflective decals for greater visibility
    • Most commonly requested colors: orange, white, yellow, blue, brown, red, purple
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