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ACP international offers a variety of steel posts including: galvanized U-Channel, Coated U-Channel, and Square. Choose the best post for your application.

U-Channel posts are our most popular. They offer unmatched strength and versatility, making installation quick and easy. They are available galvanized or green finish. Other colors and lengths are available with order minimums. Just ask us!

  • Pre-punched 0.375" mounting holes on 1" centers.
  • Quick and easy installation.

Download the U-Channel SignPosts Flyer

Part No. Description
UC10GLV 10' Post, 2lb/ft, Galvanized
UC10GR 10' Post, 2lb/ft, Green
UC8GLV 8' Post, 2lb/ft, Galvanized
UC8GR 8' Post, 2lb/ft, Green
DL6.5GLV 6.5' Post, 1.12lb/ft, Galvanized
DL6GR 6' Post, 1.12lb/ft, Green
DL6GLV 6' Post, 1.12lb/ft, Galvanized
DL6YLW 6' Post, 1.12lb/ft, Yellow

Our signposts are available in multiple lengths and colors. Other sizes are available. Contact us for details.