Pop-Up PolyDome

Pop-Up PolyDome™ Markers

ACP Pop-Up PolyDome Markers (Domed Utility Markers) maintain functionality and integrity of PolyDome Markers by reducing the damage caused by vehicles or cattle livestock. PolyDome Markers provide 360° Visibility and are available in standard and custom color combinations. Both the PolyDome Marker and Posts are made from durable high-density UV treated polyethylene. Because we use UV-resistant enamel inks, the printed materials will not peel or dis-bond for the life of the marker. The domed marker and post have a guaranteed outdoor life of 10 years. (We recommend using posts no more than 4-feet in height for maximum benefit.)

  • 360° Visibility
  • Kit includes: PolyDome and Impact Sleeve
Part No. Description
PUPD4* Pop-Up PolyDome, 4 ft length
* Please specify post and dome colors